About Us

Tara Moody

With over 30 years of marketing research experience, Tara Moody is a third-generation market research professional and is PRC certified as an Expert in Data Collection. Tara recently purchased Accurate Research from her family in 2014, which she has renamed Fort Worth Research. Her firm specializes in various methodologies in both qualitative and quantitative research. Among those areas are product placements, ethnographies, focus groups, recruiting, IDI’s IHUT’s, in-store testing and central location tests.

So, what do you get when you work with a firm established by a third generation researcher who grew up learning this industry from the ground up? Experience that translates to some of the most accurate and reliable research available… Fort Worth Research was founded by Tara Moody, whose family has been recognized as pioneers and leaders in the industry since 1950. While Tara has over 64 years of legacy backing her up, she is an industry leader in her own right, with more than 25 years of hands on experience. That lineage has helped provide the foundation for a firm that is focused on providing the best research possible, while putting customer service above everything else. As you can guess by the name, Fort Worth Research, we’re an amazing resource for anyone conducting research in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolex. From our large, highly responsive database to our broad suite of services, we’re the perfect resource for anyone gathering insights or feedback on a local level. However, don’t let our name fool you, as we can be your resource for projects conducted elsewhere, too.
Want to know why experience matters? With more than half a century of experience, we’ve built a reputation for taking the insurmountable and making it possible. That’s a lesson that only comes through trial and error, hard work and an investment of time. As subject matter experts with a reputation for timely, reliable service, Fort Worth Research is a name you can trust.
The name has changed, but the reputation continues to grow:

Riggs Research (1950) -> Accurate Research (1973) -> Fort Worth Research (2014)